Monday, January 12, 2009

Back Online and Savings Galore!

Well we're back online and I'm back to blogging. I thought I'd start things off by sharing a few of the BARGAINS we've been able to snatch up over the last few weeks. I want to encourage you if you don't already use coupons and hunt down deals to start this year, you can save TONS!!


We got all of this 90% off:

Cute boxes:

Pretty gift bags:

More gift bags (these play music):

A total of 18 bags, 4 gift boxes and tons of gift tags.

For under $4.00!!!! We won't need any gift bags next year!!
We even scored 2 boxes of Choxie truffles for .50 each... they were gone before this picture was taken!
Next up, groceries!! Giant and Walmart . . .

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