Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5:16 AM Club

I just joined the a bunch of ladies over at Sarah Mae's Blog to take part in the 5:16am club. Sounds exciting, right, well I figured that I'm up around 5am every morning feeding Caleb so I really should just STAY up and enjoy a quite time like I've been wanting to for months.

For a long time I've known that I should start my days with a short devotional time. I always found some excuse, usually my pillow and blankets won this battle. I've noticed a significant difference in my attitude and how productive my days are. This morning I woke up made some oatmeal (no coffee, sometimes it's just too much work for only me! - I've got to get one of those Tassimo coffee makers!) sat down and found a good online devotional site (this just works for me!) Grabbed my bible and spent some HIM time! It really encouraged me and the devotional for the day was very relevant!

Psalm 23:5(b) "...You anoint my head with oil my cup overflows". I really feel like lately He has filled my cup to overflowing!

When I was a teen I loved the band Considering Lily, not sure what they're up to these days but I wanted to share some of the lyrics of one of their songs that I always liked. This song always reminded me where to turn when I needed to be "filled"

Cup by Considering Lily

My soul's as dry as a valley of bones
As I walk this desert called Earth
There's dust in the tracks of the tears I cry
I'm as helpless as a babe at birth.
I stumble to the last mirage I saw.
And I fall to the sand.
Close my eyes breathe a desperate prayer
When I open them there you stand

Here's my cup.
Fill it up Fill it up. Fill it up and up.
I will taste. I will drink. I will savor life.
Oh let it overflow my cup my cup.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stripping Wallpaper - Some Tips

We've been busy stripping wallpaper for the last few days and today was our first of many "Painting Days".

We stripped wallpaper in the foyer and the lovely vine border in the kitchen. Now let me say that stripping paint is no fun!! My fingers are raw from all the peeling (YES, I used my fingernails most of the time, they worked best). I do have a few tips that I've learned from our 2 day wallpaper stripping adventure.

#1: PEEL FIRST: peel off all of the top layer FIRST! you may not get all of it off but try to get most of it off, this is time consuming but really the easiest way!

#2: BUY A GOOD WALLPAPER STRIPPING AGENT: Do not believe those who tell you that warm water or water and vinegar works, it doesn't work that well at all! Go to your local home improvement store and spend $5 - you won't regret it! It made the job so much easier! It even had a nice scent.

#3: USE A GOOD QUALITY SCRAPER: We tried to use a cheap $2 scraper and it was crap. Again this is worth spending a few more dollars on. We bought this one from Home Depot. It was great.

This is what worked for us. It made the job pretty easy. We have 3 more rooms to strip so I'll find out if this works on all the different types of wallpaper.

Because I'm a dork I took before and after pictures so here ya go...

We've been busy stripping wallpaper for the last few days and today was our first of many "Painting Days".






Friday, November 21, 2008

THIS is why KEVIN rocks :

He is always taking the time to bless me each day!! Today THIS was a big blessing - cleaning the snow off of the car this morning! (Bad picture - taken with my cell phone)

Check out My Husband Rocks .... HERE

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love Potterybarn Outlet

I was out "browsing" at the Potterybarn Outlet that is in our area. I wandered over to the outdoor furniture section - mainly because of the huge red sign that read "70% OFF".

I found a neat outdoor wicker corner seat, it would be perfect for the sunroom or outside at the new house. I looked at the price tag and it read $99.00, not bad but I figured the cushion and pillows were seperate. So I asked an associate. Not only were the cushions included but the price listed was BEFORE 70% OFF!!! That means this chair was only $30.00!! She also pointed out that there was another just like it availiable!! So I snagged both chairs and the cushions (which still need covers) for about $63.00 inculding tax!!! (these were in excellent condition too!)

I thought that was a good deal until I got home... when I found out that it was an amazing deal. I googled the chair and found it ... the regular price (which is what Potterybarn.com is selling it for is ... $799.00 for ONE!!! amazing!! That's 97% off!!!

Who in their right mind would pay $799.00 for this in the first place!?!?!

Either way if you have a Potterybarn Outlet near you check it out... quick!!

Now I just have to find covers, or make some!!

Here's a picture of it Click the image... to go to Potterybarn's website...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to "Another New Season"

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make an actual working blog. The idea of this blog comes out of a need to grow as a wife, a mom and a Christian woman. I noticed that although I spent alot of time reading other great blogs and being so very encouraged I wanted to share my life, as honestly and humbly as I could. Also many friends have nudged me to give this a try!

I wanted to expand my blogging to more personal and relevant things. I realized that I'm in a new season in my life - I'm a wife and a mom - I was in denial for the last 2 years but I've started to realize that I truly am becoming quite the domestic gal... and I really enjoy it. This new and improved blog will also share my many attempts at being crafty, creative and frugal.

I'll post my usual family photos occasionally, but I'll try to stay on task, and focus on only a few topics! Over the next few weeks I'll be working on the exact way I'll do this but until then I'll be chronicleing our family's move out of our apartment into a new home (which we will be renting). I'll share the story of the new HOME later... but it is a blessing from the Lord and I know that I'll have lots to share once we are moved in!

So, come along with me on this fun journey! I need all the advice in the world so please shoot me an e-mail anytime! I'm new to blogging so I'll be learning how to make the website better looking and more fun for all of you! So bookmark this page!! There will be much more to come!