Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to "Another New Season"

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make an actual working blog. The idea of this blog comes out of a need to grow as a wife, a mom and a Christian woman. I noticed that although I spent alot of time reading other great blogs and being so very encouraged I wanted to share my life, as honestly and humbly as I could. Also many friends have nudged me to give this a try!

I wanted to expand my blogging to more personal and relevant things. I realized that I'm in a new season in my life - I'm a wife and a mom - I was in denial for the last 2 years but I've started to realize that I truly am becoming quite the domestic gal... and I really enjoy it. This new and improved blog will also share my many attempts at being crafty, creative and frugal.

I'll post my usual family photos occasionally, but I'll try to stay on task, and focus on only a few topics! Over the next few weeks I'll be working on the exact way I'll do this but until then I'll be chronicleing our family's move out of our apartment into a new home (which we will be renting). I'll share the story of the new HOME later... but it is a blessing from the Lord and I know that I'll have lots to share once we are moved in!

So, come along with me on this fun journey! I need all the advice in the world so please shoot me an e-mail anytime! I'm new to blogging so I'll be learning how to make the website better looking and more fun for all of you! So bookmark this page!! There will be much more to come!

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