Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5:16 AM Club

I just joined the a bunch of ladies over at Sarah Mae's Blog to take part in the 5:16am club. Sounds exciting, right, well I figured that I'm up around 5am every morning feeding Caleb so I really should just STAY up and enjoy a quite time like I've been wanting to for months.

For a long time I've known that I should start my days with a short devotional time. I always found some excuse, usually my pillow and blankets won this battle. I've noticed a significant difference in my attitude and how productive my days are. This morning I woke up made some oatmeal (no coffee, sometimes it's just too much work for only me! - I've got to get one of those Tassimo coffee makers!) sat down and found a good online devotional site (this just works for me!) Grabbed my bible and spent some HIM time! It really encouraged me and the devotional for the day was very relevant!

Psalm 23:5(b) "...You anoint my head with oil my cup overflows". I really feel like lately He has filled my cup to overflowing!

When I was a teen I loved the band Considering Lily, not sure what they're up to these days but I wanted to share some of the lyrics of one of their songs that I always liked. This song always reminded me where to turn when I needed to be "filled"

Cup by Considering Lily

My soul's as dry as a valley of bones
As I walk this desert called Earth
There's dust in the tracks of the tears I cry
I'm as helpless as a babe at birth.
I stumble to the last mirage I saw.
And I fall to the sand.
Close my eyes breathe a desperate prayer
When I open them there you stand

Here's my cup.
Fill it up Fill it up. Fill it up and up.
I will taste. I will drink. I will savor life.
Oh let it overflow my cup my cup.


  1. Donna-
    We're so glad that you've joined our "club". I have felt so motivated since I joined. It's refreshing to know that we are meeting our Lord and are joined by ladies across the world in prayer!

  2. Hey ~ just going thru your blog quickly here and the name 'Considering Lily' jumped out. I liked their music, too. Do you have any of their CDs? I would love to listen to them again. . .

    Kelly Martin