Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love Potterybarn Outlet

I was out "browsing" at the Potterybarn Outlet that is in our area. I wandered over to the outdoor furniture section - mainly because of the huge red sign that read "70% OFF".

I found a neat outdoor wicker corner seat, it would be perfect for the sunroom or outside at the new house. I looked at the price tag and it read $99.00, not bad but I figured the cushion and pillows were seperate. So I asked an associate. Not only were the cushions included but the price listed was BEFORE 70% OFF!!! That means this chair was only $30.00!! She also pointed out that there was another just like it availiable!! So I snagged both chairs and the cushions (which still need covers) for about $63.00 inculding tax!!! (these were in excellent condition too!)

I thought that was a good deal until I got home... when I found out that it was an amazing deal. I googled the chair and found it ... the regular price (which is what is selling it for is ... $799.00 for ONE!!! amazing!! That's 97% off!!!

Who in their right mind would pay $799.00 for this in the first place!?!?!

Either way if you have a Potterybarn Outlet near you check it out... quick!!

Now I just have to find covers, or make some!!

Here's a picture of it Click the image... to go to Potterybarn's website...

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